Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

For a glass shelf worthy of the objects to be displayed, you might consider an offering from American Glass Top…the Ultra Shelf. Fabricated from crystal clear 1” thick Starphire® glass, the Ultra Shelf has no equal. A massive profile coupled with incredible clarity makes this display shelf perfect for high-end applications. From super sophisticated bars […]

We’re proud that our glass table tops and other glass furniture tops boost the aesthetic appeal of any room they’re in. We’d also like to think of our custom glass tops as artistic as well as one-of-a-kind. However, there are also unique business advantages to equipping your office furniture with our premium glass tops. Hire […]

We all want our meetings and conference calls to go well. Here at American Glass Top – a glass company in Chicago – we make sure all our meetings go without a hitch. Let’s face it: A poorly organized meeting or presentation can kill great ideas before they can lift off the ground. And a […]

We have some big news. Yes, you read the headline correctly: Soon, you will be able to purchase one of our premium glass top products from anywhere in the continental United States. We’re still sorting out the details on our end. But the most important thing to know is this: Soon, even out-of-staters can have […]

Wood tables, be they coffee tables, dining tables, bedroom furniture, or almost all office furniture, including desks, credenzas or conference tables, really need to be protected with glass tops. There simply is no wood finish that holds up to real world challenges. Glass tops will protect and preserve the wood surface for generations to come. […]

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