Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Oh, 2015. It has had its ups and downs. But, in general, has been a great year for the Chicagoland area. Summer was warm, but not too hot. Fall came late but was relatively dry and easy. And, in more recent times, it’s been a noticeably warmer winter than years past. Despite 2015 being pretty […]

When you think of this time of year – the beginning of the holiday season and the advent of winter – what are the first things that come to mind? If it’s Christmas carols, Santa Claus and your favorite holiday tunes, then you are like most Americans – normal and sane. But if you’re us, […]

The holiday season approaches ever nearer. With it will surely be office parties, fruit cake, fruit punch, cookie platters, egg nog, and all sorts of other potentially staining agents that will threaten the sanctity of your office furniture. Bah humbug? Not so much when it comes to the investments you made equipping your office with […]

If you’ve been to your local Walgreens (or even local grocery store) lately, you’ve likely seen the signs to get your flu shot. (You’ve also probably started seeing Halloween decorations – yes, in September – but that’s a whole different issue…) With flu season upon us, there are some important considerations we can make to […]

You’ve just bought an executive desks chair for your home or work office. It’s made from premium materials and sits on a new chair rug for under your desk – a desk which you recently bought from your favorite Swedish retailer. You’re ready for your workplace comfort and productivity to reach whole new levels. If […]

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