Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

When Westridge Management Company in South Barrington, IL decided to upgrade their conference room, the large boardroom table in dark walnut was the “center of attention.” Representing a sizable investment, the room was readied just in time for the first of two very important meetings with potential clients. The first meeting went well. But the […]

Successful meetings are essential to any strong business venture. Consistently running taut, productive staff meetings can gain you a lot of clout among your superiors – and the affection of your coworkers. On the flipside, if you mess up a meeting, the outcome can be disastrous. If you can’t seem to get the technology to […]

If you’re new to the site and to interior design, you may be thinking to yourself: Why would you want glass tops for office furniture? For starters, you would want glass tops for office furniture for these three primary reasons. Function Simply put, glass tops for office furniture help protect them from all the work […]

If you truly care about business – either the one you work for or the one you own – you must know the value of perseverance by now. You realize that in order to truly be successful, you need to do the best you can at every task you take on. And when you occasionally […]

Are you ready to embrace your inner innovator? Innovation has always been a key component to organizational success, and many businesses are now adding innovation as an employee value to performance reviews. Organizations see the need for fostering fresh ideas and innovative thinkers if they hope to survive in today’s business environment. What does this […]

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