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Upgrade Your Meetings with a Glass Table Top

We all want our meetings and conference calls to go well. Here at American Glass Top – a glass company in Chicago – we make sure all our meetings go without a hitch.

Let’s face it: A poorly organized meeting or presentation can kill great ideas before they can lift off the ground. And a superb meeting can boost morale and increase your credibility as a manager or team member.

That’s why you should always be prepared for meetings by outlining the topics that need to be covered, printing out materials ahead of time and making sure there is sufficient seating for the size of group you’re expecting.

But even beyond that, there are some things you can do to really make your meetings stellar. And American Glass Top can help.

Make the conference desk irresistible

Our glass table tops and glass tops for office furniture take ordinary pieces of furniture and upgrade them to extraordinary. We’re not exaggerating – after you’ve seen them in person, you’ll see why our custom glass table tops are the classiest in the industry. They are the equivalent of authentic marble kitchen counters – with their polished, opaque sheen – versus the plastic and gritty counters that most Americans have.

After seeing a conference table with our glass table cover, it’s hard to go back to the usual old table. You might even make your employees look forward to going into the conference room!

Make it easy to take in drinks and food

This used to be a major meeting no-no: Not only can drinks and food be distracting during an important presentation; you don’t want those stains on the conference room table. That table is often the most expensive piece of furniture we see in offices.

But let’s face it. A caffeinated employee with a high blood-sugar level from donuts and other pastries tends to be a more attentive meeting attendee, at least for the short-term. And, with our custom table glass tops, you don’t need to worry about staining your oak conference table – those coffee circles below the cup just need to be wiped away with a moist paper towel, and your table is back to its pristine condition.

Be a consummate host

Remember to always be a gracious and accommodating host to those attending your meetings, either internal or external to your business or organization. And, above all else, be classy: dress up for the occasion, and make sure the meeting room is as attractive as it can be too. Nothing demonstrates that you are an ambitious and professional presenter than equipping your meeting room with the best custom glass table top from the best glass company in Chicago.

Upgrade your meeting rooms today by contacting us online or emailing us at We can give you a quote and work with you on creating the custom glass top that will fit your needs the best.

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