Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Custom glass tops, professionally measured in your home or office; then delivered, cleaned, and set; insuring a perfect fit!

Our designer inspired specialty glass tops are the only way to protect and preserve the value of your desks, credenzas, conference tables, dining and coffee tables, and bedroom sets.

American Glass Top Company is the foremost authority for glass furniture tops.

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Glass Tops for Wood Furniture in Greater Chicagoland.

Professionally measured in your home or office; then delivered, cleaned and set. We make it easy!


Conference Room Glass Tops


The rich, warm look of a high quality wood conference table is almost always the central focal point in any well appointed executive office or board room.

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Glass Tops for Wood Furniture


Tough plate glass cut to fit perfectly. Available in clear, ultra clear invisi-glass or smoked bronze invisi-glass, which blends beautifully with darker colored furniture. Available with contemporary flat polished edges or more traditional beveled edges.

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Back Painted Glass


Available in a veritable rainbow of colors, back painted glass can be used as glass furniture tops where a completely new look is desired or a damaged surface can be covered up without refinishing hassles.

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Glass Shelves Give Your Office a Great First Impression


When a potential client visits your office you want to make sure everything is clean and in order. Things seemingly in the background are noticed by others to help to form their first opinion of your business. If you want your business to impress by appearing more upscale and professional, a great first step is to consider installing glass shelves in your office. Heavy glass shelves will immediately give your business a modern and sophisticated look, enhancing your reputation.

Glass shelves also blend with any décor and make an excellent accent for your office. Glass shelves will bring a touch of elegance without crowding it, and will even create an illusion of increased size and depth to a space. Also, glass appears less intrusive than wooden shelves and will let natural light pass through your windows, allowing attractive lighting from above or below to create very unique and beautiful look.

Glass shelves also include their clean look while still being durable, another plus to your office setting. With low-profile brackets and a stylish look, your shelves can work as a centerpiece for a meeting room’s décor.

Ready to improve the look of your office? Want to remodel or impress your clients? The first and only place to contact is American Glass Top. Located in Elk Grove Village, they have been serving the Chicago area with their professional touch for years. They carry a large selection of glass shelving and can answer all your questions.

American Glass Top uses only the finest quality domestically manufactured glass up to 1 inch thick and their control procedures ensure that when it comes to glass display shelves they are top of the line and the very best.

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Glass Top Inspiration

Let Us Help You Make Something Custom
An old pallet, some casters, and a quality piece of glass from American can create a versatile, rustic conversation piece.