Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Custom glass tops, professionally measured in your home or office; then delivered, cleaned, and set; insuring a perfect fit!

Our designer inspired specialty glass tops are the only way to protect and preserve the value of your desks, credenzas, conference tables, dining and coffee tables, and bedroom sets.

American Glass Top Company is the foremost authority for glass furniture tops.

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Glass Tops for Wood Furniture in Greater Chicagoland.

Professionally measured in your home or office; then delivered, cleaned and set. We make it easy!

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Conference Room Glass Tops


The rich, warm look of a high quality wood conference table is almost always the central focal point in any well appointed executive office or board room.

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Glass Tops for Wood Furniture


Tough plate glass cut to fit perfectly. Available in clear, ultra clear invisi-glass or smoked bronze invisi-glass, which blends beautifully with darker colored furniture. Available with contemporary flat polished edges or more traditional beveled edges.

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Back Painted Glass


Available in a veritable rainbow of colors, back painted glass can be used as glass furniture tops where a completely new look is desired or a damaged surface can be covered up without refinishing hassles.

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Prioritizing Rooms for Glass Tops


Fiscal Year 2017 is just around the corner – and with it, new budget opportunities for renovations and improvements for your business, be it in your home or at the office.

If you’re looking for a design upgrade that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, look no further than glass tops for your office furniture. From desks to coffee tables and more, the possibilities are nearly endless.

If you want to install glass tops as many places as possible but don’t know which room or centerpiece should be your starting point, take these into consideration when making your decision.

  • Does your place of business have any public-facing areas that will be seen by many people, such as a sales counter?

If so, this is where you should start. A key part of landing the sale is ensuring the customer has as pleasant an experience as possible when visiting your business. By showing your customers that you care about aesthetics by installing glass tops, you’re that much closer to landing their business.

  • Is there any piece of furniture that you’ve needed to replace repeatedly over the years?

You should prioritize these pieces of furniture from a cost-saving measure. The investment you place in adorning this furniture in glass tops will pay off in how much money you save having to replace it breakage after breakage, year-after-year.

  • Do you host many important meetings with potential business stakeholders or clients in one room in particular?

If so, this room should be higher on the priority list.

  • You have have executive office at your place of business?

While executive offices are less visible from the consumer’s standpoint, you should still consider these a high priority for installing glass tops. Having the most aesthetically pleasing office in the building is a sign of status and prestige, making the executives feel as though their contributions are fully valued.

  • Does your place of business have any public-facing areas that will be seen by many people, such as a sales counter?

Glass tops are not only aesthetically pleasing, they have a practical purpose too: Preventing food and water damage to the furniture underneath. If you have a conference table or shared eating space that gets a lot of food-and-coffee traffic, prioritize these pieces of furniture for glass top treatment.

Let’s order your glass tops!

You’ve now got a better idea of where to start placing glass tops at your business. What’s your next step?

The first thing you should do: Contact us. You can use our online form, call us at (866) 201-0826 or email us at We’ll discuss with you which glass tops to order and work with you to identify the optimal times to install or deliver your new glass tops.

Glass Top Inspiration

Let Us Help You Make Something Custom
An old pallet, some casters, and a quality piece of glass from American can create a versatile, rustic conversation piece.