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Traditional “clear” glass is available in thicknesses of 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″. Even though this is “clear” glass, it does have a slight aqua-green shade to it. The thicker it is, the greener the hue, especially the edges.“Ultra clear low-iron glass”. The designer’s choice- available up to 1” thick. Much less “green” but costs more. Very elegant in appearance. “Dark tinted bronze or charcoal grey” glass to 1/2” thick for a dramatic and sophisticated look, sure to impress.

“Back Painted” glass: For unlimited design options, our back painted glass in thickness to 1” is unequaled. Using the most durable and advanced color coatings on crystal clear Starphire® glass assures the finest quality back painted table top glass ever made.

American Glass Top is the best choice for custom sized glass tops

For coffee tables, dining tables, kitchen tables quarter-inch thick glass is ideal for protecting the surface of a wood table…not too thin as to be delicate, not too thick to look “chunky.”But for furniture bases designed to accommodate a heavy glass top, the options are almost unlimited. Heavy glass tops come in thicknesses of 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and although rare and sometimes hard to find, 1”. They are available in standard clear (has slight “aqua-green” hue), ultra clear low-iron glass (much less green), or tinted with dark bronze or charcoal grey (up to ½” thick). And for a really cool look, back-painted glass in any color under the sun can be made in thicknesses to a massive one inch.

Heavy glass tops up to ½” thick should be heat tempered. 3/4” and 1” glass is difficult to temper and besides, it would be kind of “over-kill.” Optional shapes include rectangular, square, round, oval, hexagonal or “free form”. The edge detail can be flat polished for a contemporary look or beveled for a more traditional appearance. “Pencil” polish and “Ogee” edges are still available but are not in style much anymore.

Advantages of tables featuring heavy glass tops include low maintenance, a light “airy” look, many size and shape options and a rich and elegant “feel”.

American Glass Top Company produces the finest glass tabletops in the world. The highest quality U.S. made plate glass, combined with exacting quality control standards and a Midwest tradition of friendly service makes American your best choice Call us at 1-800-793-1011 for design consultation, prices and delivery options.

One Inch (1″) Thick Starphire Glass – NOW AVAILABLE!!

Made in America and featuring “Low-Iron” technology, Starphire® Glass drastically reduces the “Aqua-Green” color of standard heavy glass.

One inch (25mm) thick Starphire® glass has a massive profile for impressive glass tops or shelves.  As rare as it is beautiful, one inch thick glass in a low-iron formula is as good as it gets.  Our one inch thick glass makes the most impressive glass tops in the world Available with a contemporary flat polished edge, this product provides a completely unique and “one of a kind” look.

We carry one inch (1″) thick Starphire® ultra clear glass as a stock item and we fabricate and ship nationwide. Unsurpassed as a glass coffee table top or a glass dining table top, we can also make glass display shelves that are worthy of the objects you are displaying.

Heavy 1″ thick glass… nothing else even comes close!  Please call our technical department at 1-800-793-1011 for options, pricing and shipping costs. Questions: contact us or e-mail

Why one inch thick Starphire® Glass and not just regular clear glass?

shelfHeavy glass tabletops, especially in thicker or larger sizes, take on an aqua green hue. By the time you get to glass tabletops as thick as one inch, the green color is so prominent it dominates the look of the table.

For high-end glass top coffee tables or glass top dining tables, the base is usually the focal point…metal, wood or acrylic, they are by themselves works of art. The heavy glass top makes them functional.

Starphire® glass is a low iron formulation that substitutes rare earth elements for iron so that the glass is much closer to leaded crystal in clarity, but not brittle like crystal. This allows the table base to be seen in all its glory!

For those looking for the very best and if the budget allows, one inch thick Starphire® glass table tops are the ultimate design choice for that special piece of furniture.

Product Specs

  • 1″ Starphire® Glass
  • Actual Thickness: 25 mm
  • Weight of 1″ Thick Glass: 13.13 lbs/square foot
  • Stock Glass Sheet Size: 96′ x 130″
  • 1″ glass available as annealed glass only
  • Inch thick glass can be cut and fabricated with flat polished edges, beveled edges or reverse beveled edges.
  • Crating and shipping available nationwide.

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