Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Glass Tops for Reception Desks Transaction Counters

So… you just spent some serious coin for a classy looking reception desk and after a week or two, you notice that the transaction counter has scratches, nicks, or scuffs that were put there by the FedEx or UPS guy. We all love the warm, rich look of wood furniture, but “beat-up” looking wood furniture is probably not the image you were shooting for.

Glass tops are the easy solution and there are two practical options in the Chicago area. The easiest way to go is with a protective glass top, generally 1/4″ thick in clear glass or even better, in smoked bronze glass which blends in beautifully with most wood finishes and hides any slight imperfections. Glass can be scratched, but a glass furniture top is a thousand times harder than organic wood or a soft polyurethane finish. When, after years of wear, the glass top starts to show the scuffs, simply flip it over for a brand new surface.

Another, more elaborate solution is to install a raised glass top supported by brushed stainless “stand-offs”. For this style, 1/2″ tempered glass is recommended and the “stand-offs” should be 2″ or 4″ high. The glass itself can be either clear, frosted, or tinted.

With either option, the glass takes the hits, not the wood surface. And glass is easy to clean and maintain. But the real bonus is that glass, especially smoked bronze with beveled edges, imparts an elegant and sophisticated image… the very reason you purchased a nice reception desk in the first place. If you’re interested in a glass top for your reception desk in the Chicago area, call us today. We come to your office, measure precisely, and return with a perfect fit glass top!

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