Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Kitchen Tables

The kitchen table gets plenty of action day-in and day-out from you and everyone else in the family. It’s where your family gathers and eats every night; where children paint and do arts and crafts; where you do your taxes; where you place appetizers for large gatherings; and more. In just one week, the average American kitchen table can be exposed to coffee, pot roasts, water coloring paint, clay, ink and a whole assortment of other drinks, foods and chemicals. This doesn’t even include the scratches, nicks and dents caused by dinner plates, casserole dishes and giant science text books thrown on it all day long.

Simply put, the kitchen table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. At the very least, it gets the most action!

That’s why you want to get the biggest, best, and most beautiful kitchen table for your home. But, that’s also why you want to protect it with our glass tops – so it stays beautiful for the long-haul. With our “Invisi-Glass” by American Glass Top Co., your table will now be able to withstand the rigors of daily life for years to come without losing its luster. Plus, once the kids move out – and you move to your retirement home down south – the kids can take the still-beautiful kitchen table with them to their new home.

Additional benefits

Not only can our glass tops preserve the beauty of your high-quality kitchen furniture throughout the generations, glass tops make tables safer as well. Food and drinks won’t seep into the wood if they’re blocked by glass in the first place. This prevents the growth and spread of mold, bacteria and other harmful problems that have the potential to turn your family’s main gathering place for people to the house’s main gathering place for germs.

Additionally, glass tops make cleaning the kitchen table significantly easier – and safer, too. You can clean your glass top kitchen table with simple solutions of vinegar and water or other mixtures. Cleaning wood properly requires the use of more rigorous chemicals, which can then make their way to your food, books and silverware. Even worse, most wood cleaning products come in aerosol cans that cause you to breath them in once sprayed.

We even offer professional cleaning services for our glass tops, taking the chore of cleaning the kitchen table out of your hands.

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