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How to Win at Meetings

If you’re a typical organization in the corporate world, you have either hosted meetings at your place of business or been to a meeting at another’s location.

They may seem like routine affairs, but a killer meeting can actually put your business at the top. On the flipside, flopping at a meeting can hurt you and your business’s credibility and even cost you a key client or project.

That’s why meetings are not something you should take lightly in the world of business. Here are some tips to make sure every meeting you host or attend goes well for you and your team!

Have an awesome conference table

If you regularly host meeting, one of the quickest steps to success is to have an awesome conference table. And what’s a better conference table than one fitted with a glass top? Not only does it look modern and professional, a glass-top fitted conference table is more durable and easier to use – no worries about needing coasters for drinks, for instance.

Get the technology sorted out ahead of time

If you’ll be calling a partner stuck at the home base during an away meeting, make sure both parties have the conference call codes in place before you even hit the road to get there. The same goes for screen sharing programs, which tend to be very prone to glitches and long, easy-to-lose access codes. You may even want to do one or two practice runs with all applicable conferencing technology for both parties – just to be sure everything will work the day of the meeting.

Bring backups… of everything

If you will be relying on a PowerPoint, video or other media requiring a projector, it’s important you have back-ups in case the technology fails on you at the day of the meeting. That means bringing hand-outs of everything you would have presented; a back-up laptop; and a back-up projector if it’s feasible.

If you were planning on going over a lot of graphs or other images – and they are crucial to your presentation going well – you should also bring large printouts of these to post around the room. This also draws attention to you during the presentation, not to what’s in front of the attendees if they have print-outs!

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