Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

So… you just spent some serious coin for a classy looking reception desk and after a week or two, you notice that the transaction counter has scratches, nicks, or scuffs that were put there by the FedEx or UPS guy. We all love the warm, rich look of wood furniture, but “beat-up” looking wood furniture […]

Most aquariums are made using glass or acrylic (plexiglass) in various thicknesses, depending on how big the tank will be and also whether the aquarium will be “built-in” or free standing. For very large built-ins, maybe just the front “viewing” panel will be glass or acrylic and the other five sides can be wood, stone, […]

Fact: There is no furniture finish, be it shellac, varnish, or polyurethane that holds up to real living. Wood furniture is prized for the warm, natural appearance that fits in so many design themes. However, wood is organic and is easily scratched, scuffed, or otherwise damaged. Glass tops offer the only practical protection against accidents, […]

Call American Glass Top Company in Chicago and ask about covering your old table with their “Magnetic Glass Whiteboard” material. Tempered glass fused to steel is hard as quartz and will last a lifetime. Sleek and contemporary, the table surface can be used as a dry erase board for brain storming with common dry erase […]

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