Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Glass Tops for Wood Furniture… Clear Glass or “Smoked” – Which to Choose?

Fact: There is no furniture finish, be it shellac, varnish, or polyurethane that holds up to real living. Wood furniture is prized for the warm, natural appearance that fits in so many design themes. However, wood is organic and is easily scratched, scuffed, or otherwise damaged.

Glass tops offer the only practical protection against accidents, hot pizza boxes, spilled liquids, or solvents and other everyday assaults on increasingly expensive furniture tops.

Most of us may remember glass tops from our parents’ or grandparents’ house. That old fashioned look is only appreciated when the furniture is handed down to us in pristine condition, thanks to the protection afforded by the glass furniture tops. But the “glassy” greenish glare of standard clear glass on a brown wood finish is not a desirable look.

In the last few years, bronze tinted glass has become the standard for protecting expensive office and hotel furniture. The reduction in glare and the rich appearance, while still offering maximum protection makes bronze smoked (or grey smoked for black or ebony finishes) glass the obvious choice for modern and upscale furniture top preservation.

Corporations and hotels understand well the value of glass tops for wood furniture. The costs and hassles of refinishing are well known. But with escalating prices for residential furniture such as coffee or dining tables and bedroom sets, tinted glass tops may be the solution to worries about potential damage.

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