Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

How to Measure for a Protective Glass Furniture Top… by David Supera

Wood tables, be they coffee tables, dining tables, bedroom furniture, or almost all office furniture, including desks, credenzas or conference tables, really need to be protected with glass tops. There simply is no wood finish that holds up to real world challenges.

Glass tops will protect and preserve the wood surface for generations to come. With smoked “invisi-glass” from American Glass Top, increasingly more expensive tables can retain their beauty, while being protected from scratches, drink rings, hot pizza boxes, scuffs and U.V. damage.

Measuring your furniture for glass tops is very easy with a few techniques we’ll point out here. Basic knowledge of a standard tape measure is required.

Squares and rectangles are pretty easy to measure. Length and width are all you need. Measure to the nearest 1/16 of an inch. Always err on the shorter size if the dimension falls between the lines. This way, the glass top won’t hang out over the edge. For a circle, just measure across the middle for the diameter. You can measure across in a few spots just to confirm it’s a “true” circle.

If the edge of the table is not sharp so that you can easily clip the end of the tape measure to it, you may try lining up the “ten inch” line with the edge of the table, holding down that end, and then measuring to the other edge… just remember – YOU MUST SUBTRACT 10″ to get the true measurement.

For furniture tops that are not rectangular or perfect circles, such as kidney shaped coffee tables, bow-front desks, or “boat” shaped conference tables, a paper template will have to be made. Roll out the paper on the furniture top so that it overhangs the table. Tear 3 or 4 holes in the paper, spread out (1/2″ – 1″ holes are fine). Use masking tape to secure the paper to the surface through the holes. Now that the paper won’t move, use the edge of a pencil or even better, the lead from a pencil to outline the shape by rubbing the pencil along the edge. Remove the paper by unpeeling the tape and then roll up the paper template… never fold it. The crease of folds will alter the size.

The only thing left is to determine the edge work (contemporary flat polished or more traditional beveled edges) and whether to go with standard clear glass which has a greenish glare or with bronzed “invisi-glass”, an American Glass Top specialty, which blends in with the wood’s stain, reduces glare, and imparts a rich and sophisticated look you will appreciate for many years to come.

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