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Applications for Glass Table Tops

From time to time, business owners consider changing the décor of their office. A fresh new look can bring increased energy and a new positive attitude. There are many different types of styles available to redo a room, such as wood or steel. However, the most practical and attractive look may be glass. This is […]

Glass Improves the Look of Any Room

There are times when we look at the rooms in our office and decide we need a change. Not many people enjoy being in the exact same environs year after year. There is no question that sometimes we need to alter or remodel a space to freshen things up. When it comes to the décor […]

AGT Works with Stores to Add Glass to High End Furniture

We all want our living spaces and work areas to present a positive image. Decorative and high-end furniture can add an impressive appearance to any room. Whether it is the meeting room in your office or your home’s den, high quality furnishings provide a distinctive look. American Glass Top knows you always want your furniture […]

Glass Vs. Wood Furniture

One of the most important purchases consumers make for their home or office is buying new furniture. It can be fun and exciting to update your space with a new look and enhance the current décor. There are a myriad of things to consider when weighing your options including style, shape, color and of course, […]

Impress Your Clients with Modern Glass Tops

You have the big meeting scheduled with one your most important clients. Everything needs to run smoothly without any hiccups or snags. You are not worried because you have prepared all your charts and graphs and done all your homework on the topics you are going to discuss. What else is there left for you […]

Be Prepared for What Can Go Terribly Wrong at Meetings

Successful meetings are essential to any strong business venture. Consistently running taut, productive staff meetings can gain you a lot of clout among your superiors – and the affection of your coworkers. On the flipside, if you mess up a meeting, the outcome can be disastrous. If you can’t seem to get the technology to […]