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Glass Improves the Look of Any Room

There are times when we look at the rooms in our office and decide we need a change. Not many people enjoy being in the exact same environs year after year. There is no question that sometimes we need to alter or remodel a space to freshen things up. When it comes to the décor […]

We Will Come to You for a Consultation!

Let’s face it – we live in a stressful world and a time crunched society. It seems every day people are juggling appointments, commitments, business meetings and other obligations. Many of us have our calendars booked solid for days, if not weeks, in advance.  There really never seems to be enough time to complete all […]

To Bevel or Not to Bevel

To bevel or not to bevel – that is a question. Specifically, it’s a question we’ll ask you when you select your custom glass top for wood furniture. If you’re not sure what a bevel is, no worries – read on, and you’re about to learn more about them than you could have imagined there was […]

Dealing with Moisture on Furniture

When you think of this time of year – the beginning of the holiday season and the advent of winter – what are the first things that come to mind? If it’s Christmas carols, Santa Claus and your favorite holiday tunes, then you are like most Americans – normal and sane. But if you’re us, […]

Embrace Innovation in Many Forms

Are you ready to embrace your inner innovator? Innovation has always been a key component to organizational success, and many businesses are now adding innovation as an employee value to performance reviews. Organizations see the need for fostering fresh ideas and innovative thinkers if they hope to survive in today’s business environment. What does this […]