Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Glass Improves the Look of Any Room

There are times when we look at the rooms in our office and decide we need a change. Not many people enjoy being in the exact same environs year after year. There is no question that sometimes we need to alter or remodel a space to freshen things up. When it comes to the d├ęcor of a room, new furniture can bring a completely different feel. But perhaps the best way to upgrade is to employ the beautiful look of glass.

Glass is Impressive Looking and Useful

Glass is not used as often in exterior design as it was in years past, but it is still a very impressive addition to any space. It is also versatile. For example, a simple glass table with a basic clean frame and no additional details would be ideal for an entryway hall. Often this area may feel crowded, especially if there are other items nearby, such as a coat rack.

Another consideration for office interiors is the use of glass walls. They can help make the look of any office appear more elegant and upscale. The glass could be tinted or colorless, depending on needs and preferences. Sliding glass doors are another outstanding option to consider providing privacy as well as a very modern appearance.

Partitions of glass in an office have other advantages. One is how well they disperse light compared to wood. While wood simply blocks rays of sun, glass greatly increases its impact. Natural light makes a room feel much warmer and inviting. It also has a practical benefit since it may actually help reduce your lighting costs.

Glass partitions are visually pleasing and present a look of greater spaciousness. Non partitioned areas are completely blocked giving the room the look of one large unit. Glass continues to be a hot trend in office interiors and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the Chicago area, the number one place to go for glass furnishings is American Glass Top. AGT was established in 1993 to help businesses and homeowners maintain the look of their furniture. Their goal is to offer superior products and service at a fair price. American Glass Top is recognized as the furniture glass specialists and strive to satisfy all of its clients. Give AGT a call today at 1-800-793-1011 with any questions regarding their services.

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