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Embrace Innovation in Many Forms

Are you ready to embrace your inner innovator?

Innovation has always been a key component to organizational success, and many businesses are now adding innovation as an employee value to performance reviews. Organizations see the need for fostering fresh ideas and innovative thinkers if they hope to survive in today’s business environment.

What does this have to do with our glass tops? Our products are themselves an innovation – a fresh take on traditional office furniture. The businesses we work with and customers who buy our products are innovators for supporting a new, modern aesthetic and seeing the value in quality materials and design.

Here are some of the ways that innovators like our customers succeed in business while others flounder or maintain the status quo.

Staying ahead of the game

If you hear the phrase “That’s how we’ve always done it” a lot in the halls of an office, that’s a sign of stagnation and a lack of innovation. Sure, there are some best practices to the world of business. We wouldn’t want to advocate for workplaces to ditch meeting rooms, for example, just because a rebellious new employee thinks impromptu hallway meetings are better alternatives.

However, if you truly have an innovative spirit, you’ll be able to spot the times when keeping a process the same just because it’s always been used in the past is a bad idea. Businesses cannot thrive without change, and it takes gutsy businessmen and businesswomen such as yourself to make it happen.

Finding inspiration from the unlikeliest sources

If you started your own home or office business, you’re already an innovator in a way. You took a plunge into the unknown when starting your business, and this entrepreneurial spirit is what will keep you afloat during your career – no matter how many twists and turns it takes.

If you have been at an organization for a while, think about the ways in which things can be changed for the better. If you’re on our Web site, you may have some ideas for ways to change the look of the business or office to improve the public’s perception of your brand. If so, what are you waiting for – talk to a leader at your workplace and make the case for installing glass tops.

Solo is not necessarily a bad thing

There is a lot of emphasis on teams in corporate America. While teams can be beneficial for getting large projects done, some types of team dynamics can actually squash fresh ideas if your coworkers don’t share your innovative spirit.

That’s why sometimes it’s OK to branch out and be an advocate for your unique perspective and ideas. Find out the channels of communication you need to navigate in order to implement your fresh strategies and ideas for interior design at your workplace – then make it happen!

Ready to take the next step?

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