Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

AGT Works with Stores to Add Glass to High End Furniture

We all want our living spaces and work areas to present a positive image. Decorative and high-end furniture can add an impressive appearance to any room. Whether it is the meeting room in your office or your home’s den, high quality furnishings provide a distinctive look. American Glass Top knows you always want your furniture to look its very best.

American Glass Top works directly with stores for this very reason. AGT will provide retailers with glass that will protect and prolong the life of your furnishings. American Glass Tops was aware the glass top market was underserved years ago, well before its competitors. With expertise in the market dating back to 1977, American Glass Top Company the best choice.  AGT works with office furniture dealers, hotel furniture buyers, suppliers and residential furniture stores and customers.

Clients trust AGT to ensure the quality and durability of all their purchases. Buying furniture can be a difficult and expensive investment. There are many options available to consumers. With that in mind, it is very important to make a solid choice when it is time to furnish your space.

Experience You Can Trust

When you know your retailer is working with someone as reputable and experienced as AGT, it makes the entire buying process simpler. You can trust your furniture will be glass protected and of the highest quality. It makes for a much more positive experience for everyone involved.

AGT was established in 1993 to help businesses and homeowners maintain the look of all their wooden furniture. The mission of AGT remains unchanged since day one. Its goal is to offer superior products and service at a fair price. American Glass Top is recognized as the furniture glass specialists and will not be satisfied unless all its customers are happy.

Give AGT a call today at 1-800-793-1011 with any questions regarding their services. Also visit their website to view all their galleries and see a complete list of all they can do to help keep your furniture looking brand new.

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