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There can be nothing more scary than breaking or cracking special or custom-cut glass, and now? You’ve done it. You broke your antique coffee table with the perfect glass top. What does this mean for your family heirloom? Did you know that American Glass Top replaces and refurbishes even the most challenging sizes and shapes of custom glass tops? You can rest easy knowing that we will take the best care possible of your custom glass when making it like new again. We can cut thick glass, thin glass, and even the most fragile of your antique glass. Let American Glass Top take the weight off your shoulders.

If you’ve been looking to find somewhere that will fix up your large sized custom glass, look no further. We get requests from all over the country to replace or refurbish thick cut and large sized glass tops. There is no shortage of great service and beautiful craftsmanship at American Glass Top and you will see the difference for yourself. Maybe you’ve always wanted a really unique shaped mirror that other companies had turned you down or told you that it was not possible. American Glass Top takes even the most “out there” requests!

Whether you’re down the road or across the country, we’ll ship your glass! There is no settling when it comes to having glass taken care of. We know that having something happen to unique glass can be incredibly stressful, but know that American Glass Top has your back. If you want to create something new and beautiful with us, contact us! We love to start new projects, too. We can refurbish and replace glass for wood furniture, office desks, tinted glass tops, mirrors, doors, dining room and kitchen tables, end tables, antique furniture and more. We are the number one choice for custom sized glass in America!

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