Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Durability of Glass Top Furniture

When deciding upon what furniture to purchase for a remodel of your home or office, two important considerations most people take into account are aesthetics and durability. We obviously want our furniture to look great and enhance the appearance of the room, but we also want to make sure the items we purchase are strong, durable and long lasting.  How do you get the best of both worlds? Glass furniture is the answer.

Glass has many positive attributes;

  • It is stylish, extremely versatile and not nearly as expensive as some people think
  • Glass furniture gives any room a very classy look and will impress any clients, guests or visitors to your home or office conference tables
  • Glass top furniture is very convenient and easy to care for and has the versatility to be used alone or as protection when placed atop a piece of wooden furniture
  • Glass is solid, strong and durable and will protect the surface of your furniture from scratches, spills or any type of markings.

Additionally, glass tops are a breeze to clean since they can be kept looking their best simply by wiping them off with a damp rag.

Durability and classic looks are just two of the reasons many businesses that deal with the public such as a bank, attorney or other professional top the wood furniture in their common areas with glass. In addition to protecting the surface of the furniture from scrapes and scratches, it also adds a tinge of elegance to any room.

In your residence, using glass tops is a terrific solution for protecting antique and wooden furniture pieces. Glass can be cut and shaped to any size to fit perfectly atop a coffee table, desk, night stand, or dresser. Glass is extremely strong, rarely cracks or breaks and can be kept looking brand new for years with proper maintenance. And since glass is clear, it will not take away from the beauty of the piece, but will enhance it while at the same time providing protection.

To learn more about the durability of glass top furniture and its many benefits, call American Glass Top at 1-800-793-1011 today. They have been helping clients and homeowners in the Chicago area with all their glass top furniture needs since 1993.

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