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The Durability of Glass Tables and Countertops

In the past few years, glass countertops have seen a big rise in popularity. The main reason is very clear; glass countertops provide an excellent choice for any home or office. Not only are they strong and durable, but they look immaculate and impressive. Most people think of glass countertops only for their good looks. What many do not consider is their superior durability.

Durability is a Great Benefit

These type of glass tops possess tremendous strength and lasting power. They are not prone to cracking or chipping with normal use and conditions. In fact, their strength and durability are equal to the strongest countertop materials around such as granite and marble. Additionally, glass countertops are heat and stain resistant due to their non-porous surface. Glass countertops will never burn, singe or melt. It’s safe to say the only product that compares to the durability of glass is quartz.

And unlike other materials like marble, glass requires little maintenance. As a result, glass countertops do not age like some of their stone counterparts after years of use. Because they are non-porous, their surface is very easy to clean and keep looking its shiny best. It is difficult for bacteria and other germs to hide on the surface of glass. You simply need to clean the countertops with regular glass cleaner and a soft sponge. It is just that simple. Remember not to use an abrasive or strong chemical to clean your countertops.

Although tempered glass countertops are very strong, it can still  scratch or break if you drop an excessively heavy object on it.  They can also be damaged by exposing it to abuse or neglect. However, if you are diligent in caring for your glass countertops they will look as great as the day of your purchase. This is just another reason glass countertops are so popular right now.

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