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The furniture in office buildings can be quite vulnerable to dirt. The effects of frequent foot traffic, gathering of workers for large meetings, and other work events create the buildup of dirt and grime. Over time, dust and grease from the air will “haze” up the glass. Even a room that is not in use on a regular basis will attract dust and other impurities. Keeping office furniture looking clean and sparkly will promote a friendly atmosphere and a positive impression to your clients.

Glass Tops Keep Surfaces Clean Longer

One of the very best ways to keep your office or any other space clean is to use glass tops for your furniture. Glass tops for office furniture are great for protecting vulnerable wood surfaces from wear and tear. This will prolong the life of your furniture. Unfortunately, over time, dust and grease from the air will cause the glass to develop a hazy film. At this stage a complete and thorough cleaning by a professional is the next task to consider.

In Chicago  many companies will clean your glass and keep your office furniture looking its best. It is prudent to consider the reputation of any cleaning company you choose. Cleaning your glass can be a very delicate job so experience truly does matter.

The best choice for glass cleaning service in the Chicago area is American Glass Top.  They have been cleaning office glass since 1993 and are very knowledgeable. AGT will come out to your place of business, inspect your office and offer suggestions on how to best clean your area. American Glass Top will remove the glass, then clean your surfaces. Then they will meticulously wash the glass and reset all the tops. American Glass recommends a thorough and complete cleaning every few years for optimal results.

Call American Glass Top at 1-800-793-1011 to get a price or arrange for an appointment. AGT believes in always providing quality work at a fair price.

Glass Tops for Wood Furniture in Greater Chicagoland.

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