Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

The Many Advantages of Using Heavy Glass Tops

Nothing enhances the look of a room like high quality wooden furniture. There is just something about the look of wood that cannot be matched with plastic or metal. One of the main challenges for owners of wood tables, desks and chairs is to keep them looking their best. Chips to the surface as well as dust and dirt can cause the appearance to deteriorate. If not maintained properly, wood can look worn quickly. Because of this negative effect, many people turn to the use of heavy glass tops to protect and extend the life of their furniture.

Glass Does More Than Protect Your Furniture

In addition to providing protection from spills and wear, there are other benefits of furniture featuring heavy glass tops. Whether the tables or chairs are in your home or office, glass tops will help to lower maintenance costs. They will also provide a light look, come in many different sizes and contribute to a feeling of elegance and class.

Heavy glass furniture tops are also versatile and can be used on many different types of furniture. Kitchen and coffee tables, along with dining room pieces are just a few examples of use in the home. Glass tops are also great for the office conference table and book shelves. They also work  well as check out counters in stores or other places of business.

In the Chicago area, there is no better place to purchase heavy glass tops than American Glass Top Company. Located in Elk Grove Village, AGT has been helping customers protect their furniture with glass tops for years. Whether for your home or office, AGT can help you extend the life of your investment. American Glass Top Company was established in 1993 and has been the first choice for office owner and suppliers since day one. Give AGT a call today at 1-800-793-1011 to speak to one of their experienced professionals and learn the many ways glass can enhance and protect  the look of your office or home.

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