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Succeed in Business While Really Trying

If you truly care about business – either the one you work for or the one you own – you must know the value of perseverance by now. You realize that in order to truly be successful, you need to do the best you can at every task you take on. And when you occasionally fail, you need to pick yourself up and try it all over again.

At American Glass Top, a custom glass top maker near Chicago, we understand this very well – both in ourselves and our customers. It’s difficult to start your own business and then lead one after it’s sprung up from the ground. If a particular design doesn’t seem to be working, we don’t give up – we try another design. If we begin falling short of any of our targets, we re-calibrate early before it’s too late and set things back on course.

Luckily, there are some things we’ve learned along the way to make it easier to succeed in business.

Think outside the box

At American Glass Top, we’re forced to look outside the box – often literally – in supplying creative support to the businesses with whom we work. So many business are locked into traditional ideas about design and office layout that it takes a lot of effort to get buy-in from everyone involved. Luckily, if a business get to the point that they’re reaching out to us, that means that they’re already primed to rethink the way we design our offices and protect our furniture.

Expand your horizons

If you’re smart at succeeding at business, you know the importance of planning ahead for new and emerging markets. That’s why we at American Glass Top have set up procedures to work with interested individuals and companies outside of the Chicagoland area. We realize that anyone in the country can find benefit from our glass top products, not just those in the biggest Midwest city.

Make a kick-butt product

At the end of the day, every successful business and business-person excels because they create something that has value to others. Be it a widget – or, in our case, a custom glass table top – creating or providing high-quality products or services is the best way to succeed at business.

For more information, check out some of our glass tops on our glass tops gallery page.


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