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Some Office Resolutions for 2016

Oh, 2015. It has had its ups and downs. But, in general, has been a great year for the Chicagoland area. Summer was warm, but not too hot. Fall came late but was relatively dry and easy. And, in more recent times, it’s been a noticeably warmer winter than years past.

Despite 2015 being pretty great, we can’t rest on our laurels – we need to make sure 2016 is even better. And that’s starts with where we spend more than half of our waking hours every week: The office. Home or otherwise.

De-clutter the workstation

The first step to improving the office in 2016 should be to get rid of 2015 – at least the non-essential parts of it.

If you come into work after the new year’s holiday weekend and you still have 2015 performance reviews and end-of-the-year reports laying around your desk, it’s time to find the nearest filing cabinet, stat.

De-cluttering also applies to the non-obvious space-hoggers in your office. Dust, dirt and shreds of paper can make their ways into nearly every corner of your desk, cabinets and coffee tables. Spank your inner moppet and make sure they don’t overstay their welcome in 2016.

Change up how you organize

  • Do you like keeping all your favorite work books and manuals right near the computer at your workstation, or in a filing cabinet off in the corner?
  • Do you have a filing system for new and outgoing reports, or you just hope they’ll end up in the right pile by happenstance?
  • Do you label your computer cords, or do you have a drawer – or drawers – full of various computer wires to too-similar looking ends for comfort?

These are all things to consider evaluating come 2016. Your current organization system may have worked just swell in 2015, but how much time could you save in 2016 if you make some changes before they’re too late?

Look at the foundation

Perhaps the most significant change you can make to your office space in 2016 is to everything that holds it together – the furniture. If you haven’t updated your desk, chair, cabinets, filing system and bookshelf in more than five years, it’s probably time to look into some upgrades.

If this is you but you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving heavy wooden fixtures out and new ones in, consider this alternative: Upgrading them with glass tops. Glass tops are aesthetically pleasing, custom-made to fit your furniture, help protect surfaces from scratches and stains, and send the signal to outside visitors that you care about your aesthetic just as much as your business.

Ready to really shake things up this 2016? See our offerings today!

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