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Save Your Surfaces from These Hazards

You’ve just bought an executive desks chair for your home or work office. It’s made from premium materials and sits on a new chair rug for under your desk – a desk which you recently bought from your favorite Swedish retailer. You’re ready for your workplace comfort and productivity to reach whole new levels.

If you’re a coffee drinker, lunch eater or keep any type of food or liquid near your new favorite desk or chair, you’re putting these great new investments at risk. You’re just a spill away from that new-desk-smell becoming last-week’s-protein-shake smell.

Here are some tips to help prevent the inevitable – if you’re really careful.

Coffee cups of all types and sizes

Coffee is that (relatively harmless) addiction that you can’t quite kick. While you can’t expect that to change anytime soon, what you can do is protect your furniture from inevitable coffee spills.

You should definitely invest in coasters for your coffee cups – and a lot of them, too. Like blue pens, table coasters are the quickest office supply to mysteriously vanish. Also keep a healthy supply of emergency paper towels and wet wipes around for those inevitable full-on spills.

Or, you can look into getting a glass top for your desk, coffee table of other surface.

Your lunch

A lot of us eat lunch at our desks. It increases our productivity and allows us to feel somewhat productive when we use our lunch breaks to catch up on YouTube videos.

However, if you tend to eat a lot of pastas or salads with vinaigrette dressings, eating lunch at your desk is the quickest way to make our desks turn a shade of auburn. Take an easy precautionary step and lay down paper towels over your eating area. Or, you can get a clear desk protector for a more permanent solution.

Smoothies and juices

If you are one of the many Americans partaking in the fresh juicing and green smoothie phenomena, then you’re likely bringing multi-colored concoctions to the office every day for breakfast or a snack. While healthy (and occasionally delicious), these drinks are actually perhaps the most dangerous items for your furniture.

First, some of the most popular juicing ingredients include carrots, beets and kale. These are particularly great at providing key nutrients to the body – while at the same time being extremely potent staining agents. You may as well consider beets a coloring agent for red shirts and pants.

Second, green smoothies and similar drink concoctions get their health benefits – and unique color – from the chlorophyll in plant leaves. Want to know what else contains chlorophyll? Grass, perhaps the most common staining agent of all in the land of clothes. Keep green smoothies firmly lidded and secure whenever taking them anywhere near your desk.

Get a Surface Worth Protecting

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