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Professional Presentations in Your Office

Whatever your line of business, it is always important to present that intangible but very important aura of professionalism. Whether you are having a meeting with a long time customer or a face to face with a potential new client, you want to portray yourself in the best possible light. One very large step in establishing this is making sure your glass furniture is always looking its sparkling best. The good news is that this does not take a lot of time or effort to accomplish.

If you presently have scratches or other marks on your glass tops you need removed you can start by applying a whitening toothpaste or a commercial scratch-removal paste on the table surface, then finish by buffing it with a very clean, soft cloth.

One course of action to avoid is to try to seal scratches in a glass table top without cleaning it first. Ignoring this step can result in dust or debris trapped in the scratches by the paste – and an even bigger challenge. Diligent maintenance is very important.

When using waste wax, toothpaste or other pastes simply apply a minimal amount to the area of the table that is scratched, then work it into the scratches with a soft cloth or rag. Wipe it off with a separate cloth, then polish the entire table using a microfiber cloth. Repeat until scratches are no longer noticeable.

If this does not work, you might want to consider purchasing a scratch repair kit (available in most home improvement stores) or consulting a professional. If you have a situation where the glass is chipped, you should contact an expert for advice to avoid breaking the table. This is exactly where American Glass Top can help!

Remember the importance of keeping your glass top furniture looking its sparkling best. After all, your customers will realize if you pay this much attention to detail for your glass tops, you will make sure to attend to all their possible needs.

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