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Plan for the Year Ahead the Right Way

The beginning of a new year is exciting for multiple reasons. It can signify a fresh start; the resetting of everything that didn’t go right in the previous year; and for the accounting department, the beginning (or halfway point) of the fiscal year.

One of the things we like the most about the beginning of a new year is taking the chance to sit down and plan what we’re going to (try to) accomplish in the year ahead. We can set milestones, key goals and the resources we’ll need to reach them. However, don’t make the mistake that many of us make and spend a lot of time thinking about your goals for the new year without writing any of them down or really committing to them.

So, here are some tools and tricks to planning for the year ahead the right way.

  • Desk calendars – These are like typical wall calendars but meant for the desk. They tend to be much larger, and appropriately, are much easier to write on than standing on a stool to jot down notes in the wall calendar. Make sure to get one that has plastic coverings over the corners so that its doesn’t scruff your desk when you write on it. (Unless you have glass tops on your desks, that is!)
  • Post-it notes – When you have a short-term assignment come up or when something suddenly falls on your lap, having a post-it note pad handy can be a huge help. They don’t necessarily have the weightiness of a proper calendar entry, but are one step above relying on the ‘ol noggin for remembering to do something – which isn’t always the best of ideas.
  • Calendar apps – If you’re like most Americans, you pretty much carry your smartphone with you everywhere. That makes it extra convenient for programming in key dates, events and assignments right into the phone – and attaching a reminder to each of them. If you want to get really advanced, you can assign a special song, sound byte or screen to each type of reminder.

Making S.M.A.R.T. goals

If you’re from the business world and/or are a project manager, a “S.M.A.R.T. goal” is likely a familiar term. For a refresher, a S.M.A.R.T. goal is one that is specific (not vague); measurable (you can determine if you accomplished it); achievable (in other worlds, realistic); results-oriented (the goal is about an actual improvement or outcome); and time-bound (you know when the goal will be put into motion).

For your planning calendar, use the S.M.A.R.T. goal concept to write down all the goals you want to accomplish in the new year that fit into this framework. This allows you to establish a realistic set of achievable milestones throughout the year.

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