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Just Like New: Glass Top Cleaning Services

You’ve made the right investment by installing glass tops for your office furniture. Not only is your high-quality furniture protected from foods, drinks and the elements, the overall aesthetic of your office has been improved by their presence.

Now, it’s time to keep your investments shining – both figuratively and literally – by properly cleaning your glass tops.

How glass tops get dirty

Have you ever wondered how fingernails get dirty when you spend the majority of your days indoors and not grabbing handfuls of dirt? Or, ever wonder how the undersides of place mats and potholders in the kitchen get dirty and turn colors when all the activity is on top of them?

Fingernails, place mats and more get dirty the same way glass tops get dirty: Primarily, by the process of existing in the environment. For glass tops, dust and dirt from the air will inevitably make their way onto the glass top, making it appear “hazy” or “smokey.”

If your glass tops get a lot in-person interaction – such as being used to serve food or being used as a desk surface – the oils and grease from human skin will also contribute to this haziness effect.

Of course, there are also the things that would have happened on the furniture anyway, such as spilled coffee or displaced pen ink, that will find their way onto your glass tops.

Professional cleaning

While spot cleaning and a basic glass cleaning solution may help with surface stains, dirt and debris, it takes a professional to truly make your glass tops seem like new again.

If you have us clean your glass tops for you, we will remove the glass tops to reach the natural surface beneath. There, we will thoroughly clean the wood surface and the underside of the glass tops.

We recommend you have us do this whenever your glass tops become egregiously dirty; or if they ever start to change colors to something resembling human skin, not clear glass. Alternately, plan on having a thorough professional cleaning every few years or so depending on the size and age of the glass top.

Order a professional cleaning today

Are you ready to see your glass tops restored to their former pre-greasy glory?

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