Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Incorporating Glass Tops into Spring Cleaning

This spring marks the return of the great American business tradition: The company-wide annual spring cleaning.

No matter how big or how small, nearly every business participates. Office managers and entry level employees alike scramble to secure as many cleaning supplies from the supply closet as possible. Furniture polish, dust spray, anti-viral wipes – anything and everything is game.

But when it comes to glass tops, what supplies do you grab – if you even have any that can get the job done?

Cleaning your glass top

It would be a mistake to ignore your furniture with glass tops during the annual spring cleaning. While one of the main benefits of glass tops for wood furniture is that it makes cleaning and maintaining the furniture long into its future a relative breeze, things still do happen throughout the course of a year. There are unintentional coffee spills; handprints (and elbow prints from those particularly long meetings); errant ink spills; and a whole assortment of other office going-ons.

Eventually, nearly all regularly used glass tops will develop a “haze” on the surface. This can even form without any active human intervention at all; dust, sweat, grease and oils from the air will eventually find its way onto every surface in the office, even a glass top.

Have us clean your glass top for you this spring.

Have us clean your glass top for you this spring.

So, how do you remove the haze from your one-of-a-kind glass top? The best way is to give us a call. We’ll make sure every aspect of your glass top and is restored to the way you remember it when it first arrived in your office. Our process includes the following:

  • Removing the glass top and cleaning the wood surface underneath
  • Cleaning the glass top to remove the haze
  • Resetting the top

After we’re done, it’ll be like when you got your first glass top-adorned furniture in the first place – that feeling of expert quality and newness that you’ve come to expect from your dealings with American Glass Top.

Planning for the future

For most glass tops that experience general, daily use, we recommend that you have us do a full cleaning every few years or more frequently. Even with the utmost of care and good intentions, some of the dust and particles in the air will inevitably make its way onto your high-quality glass top, after all.

To learn more about our professional glass top cleaning services, check out our accompanying page. Then, when you’re ready, call 1 (800) 793-1011 to set up your appointment today!

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