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Glass Whiteboards are Ideal for Your Important Meetings

When preparing for an important business or client meeting, every detail matters. We want everything to be in its proper place, and the session to be effective and professional. Aside from the appropriate room, furniture and refreshments, perhaps the most vital aspect is how we convey our message. Today, a very efficient method to communicate is by using glass whiteboards. They are easy to read and allow you to use different colors for writing.  Plus, they are much cleaner than a blackboard with chalk and erasers.

Glass Whiteboards are the Focal Point

A large whiteboard can be the focal point of a meeting room, so you want to look for a quality product. Glass dry erase boards are one of the most popular items to hit the market in years. Customers can be very particular regarding the features they want. Modern whiteboards have a classy looking, easy to erase surface.  These are a marked improvement over the bright white marker boards of the past.

Because of the expanded use of glass whiteboards, they are now available in more varieties. You can shop for different styles, shapes and sizes. Many prefer a board with a very durable and smooth surface. These generally provide the best quality writing and erasing experience.

American Glass Tops, located in Elk Grove Village, IL, offers the highest quality glass whiteboards in the entire Chicagoland area. Among its many advantages are that they never “ghost” or absorb inks or stains, and permanent marker can be easily erased. Their boards have an impressive appearance that is nearly indestructible and comes with a lifetime surface warranty. And like other American Glass Top products, the glass whiteboards are proudly made in the USA.

Give AGT a call today at 1-800-793-1011 with any questions regarding glass whiteboards. You can also visit their website to view all their galleries and see a complete list of all their services. AGT is there to help you host a professional and effective business meeting.

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