Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Choosing the right color: Back painted glass

Our glass tops for furniture can take a standard desk, table, end-piece or more and turn it into something truly special.

Our back painted glass tops are an even more aesthetically rich addition to your office and home furniture. Painted in one of our color selections, the back painted glass can reshape the look and feel of a piece of furniture – and also can be used as a clever way to hide blemished or damaged furniture tops.

But when choosing a color for your new back painted glass top, which one should you pick?

Choosing the color of your back painted glass

When you’ve decided on getting a back painted glass top from us, you’ll also have to decide upon a color. Your choices include any color.

Your choice may be apparent right away if you know for sure the color of the room in which the furniture will be placed. If you don’t know the end destination of the furniture, that can make the color selection process even more fun (or nerveracking, depending on your perspective!)painted-glass

The meaning of color

You’ll want to consider how the meaning of the color you select changes the tone of the furniture – and depending on the furniture’s size, the tone of the room itself.

If you think about the psychology of colors, here’s a quick guide to what each color portrays to the outside world.

Brown – This is one of the ultimate business colors. Dark colors in general express confidence and bold decision-making. Compared with black – the darkest of all colors – brown’s warmer hue is a little more tempered and balanced. Consider brown to be the color of reliability, without much of the aggression.

Purple – Purple is another dark color that expresses seriousness. Due to its historical association with royal families, it also signifies wealth and authority. You’ll want to reserve furniture with this color to only the most prestigious of rooms in the building; overuse can come across as overwhelming (unless that’s your goal).

Lime – Lime is one of our favorite color options. It mixes the calm of green with a slight tinge of yellow, which is the color of optimism. If you think of green, it’s the color of the world – grass, trees and plants. It’s an earthy tone and shows that your company is rooted and has a solid foundation. Yellow is a color that shows up in lightning, representing a spark of innovation and fresh ideas.

Orange – Orange is the liveliest of colors. If you’ve ever taken part of a “Which color are you?” activity at a business retreat, you’ll recall that the most gregarious and impulsive coworkers landed on this color. On furniture, it shows that the room it’s in is fun, exciting and full of energy.

Red – Red is the color that wants you to take notice. It is bold and stimulating, and causes us to stop in our tracks and pay attention. It’s the color your teacher used when grading your papers, and it’s the “stop” color on a traffic light. Use red if you want your furniture to show that it’s in a room of big decision-making and strong contemplation.

Blue – Like green – another color that represents earthiness – blue is a solid and calming color that represents a solid foundation. It’s also associated with serenity and calm. If you want the people in a room to feel peaceful and relaxed, place in lots of furniture with blue-colored glass tops.

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