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American Glass Top Business Case Study

When Westridge Management Company in South Barrington, IL decided to upgrade their conference room, the large boardroom table in dark walnut was the “center of attention.”

Representing a sizable investment, the room was readied just in time for the first of two very important meetings with potential clients. The first meeting went well.

But the next day, it was discovered that the signature of the client was clearly visible, indented into the surface of the brand new conference table…he obviously had a “heavy hand.” Apparently a sheet of paper isn’t much of a barrier against a ballpoint pen.

Realizing that wood, as rich and beautiful as it is, is no match for the assault of meeting related damage such as staple and paper clip scratches, coffee spills, or the dreaded hot pizza box. The decision was made to protect the furniture with a glass top.

Tom Leverso, the president of Westridge Management, really didn’t want glass on the table,,,too old-fashioned looking. But protecting his investment won out and he called American Glass Top Company in Elk Grove Village.

The next day, we sent out one of our glass technicians, she measured and made a template for the “boat” shaped table. She also brought out samples of glass options that could be viewed right on the furniture.

The standard clear glass with the glare of fluorescent lighting above, did indeed look dated, but our “smoke-invisi-glass” blended beautifully with the dark brown color of the table and so it was ordered, along with a top for the matching credenza.

Five days later, the custom glass tops were delivered, cleaned and set by out professional installers. The rich bronze tinted glass with its very elegant beveled edges looked great! Even better than the table without the glass top. And the indented signature seemed to have disappeared.

Two days passed and the second important meeting took place. This meeting also went well, but as Tom tells it, the client went on and on about how impressed he was with of all things, the glass tops. Not that the look of the conference room sealed the deal, but in business, details matter and good impressions linger.

Tom called us the following week with this story. He also ordered glass for his “bow front” desk. Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of our business and at American Glass Top. We hear stories like this a lot and we never tire of them.

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