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Advantages of Using Glass Whiteboards

You may fondly (or perhaps not) recall the days when chalk and blackboards were in use in practically every school and office meeting room in the nation. The chalk dust was messy to clothing as well as an irritant to the eyes and nose. This age was followed by the introduction of whiteboards and dry erase markers. Unfortunately, one of the pitfalls of the traditional whiteboard is that they very often leave shadows and the finish can quickly wear down. Thankfully today we now have a better and more functional pleasing option – Glass Whiteboards.

Glass Whiteboards provide a cleaner look along with greater durability and are quickly gaining in popularity over traditional whiteboards for many reasons. While standard whiteboards are nice to write on out-of-the-box, over time they have a tendency to absorb stains and become helplessly dingy and marked up, making them difficult, if not impossible to use. Conversely, custom glass whiteboards are easy to wipe off and maintain a very clear and clean look. Additionally, glass whiteboards give a modern appearance to new office space or refresh and enhance the look of an older, tired office.

Why choose a tempered glass whiteboard? There are several benefits: glass is much easier to keep clean, they do not leave shadows or dingy smudges, are much easier to read and write on after a period of use, can be made to various sizes of thickness up to one inch, they be custom made to fit your particular space, plus they look very modern and classy and are extremely durable and unlikely to break or need repair, thus saving you money over time. The advantages are many and the downsides are almost non-existent.

American Glass Top can assist you if you are seeking to replace your old dingy whiteboard with something more up to date and durable.

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