Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Thick Glass Tops for Furniture

Our premium product – our thick glass tops for furniture – are sure to make any surface shine.

Here are some of the use-cases for our thick glass tops.

Conference tables

Our glass tops can help bring out the rich dark browns in conference tables, making even an average meeting more professional and prestigious.

Desks and tables

Give your office’s furniture a major upgrade with thick glass tops. Not only will they be more attractive, the glass tops will help protect them from use and spilled food or drinks. This will surely increase the longevity of your office furniture, saving you money in the long-run.

Kitchen tables

There may be no other piece of furniture in the home or office that is at the most risk for stains from food or drinks. Help keep your kitchen table safe with a thick glass top fitted right on the top.

Dressers and coffee tables

Why stop at the largest pieces of furniture? Complete the whole set by adding glass tops to your coffee tables, dressers and stands. If you use your coffee table for food and drinks, you’ll appreciate the additional protection afforded by our thick glass products.

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Custom Heavy Glass Furniture Tops

1/2" grey or bronze
3/4" clear or Starphire
1" clear or Starphire
Cut to your specifications and shipped nationwide.
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