Glass Tops for Wood Furniture

Whether for your home or office, dining tables, coffee tables, dressers, desks or conference tables represent an investment, and an expensive investment at that. Wood furniture has been popular for a very long time…hundreds of years actually.  The naturally warm and rich appearance is obviously appealing.  The versatility in design options is also an advantage, […]

This spring marks the return of the great American business tradition: The company-wide annual spring cleaning. No matter how big or how small, nearly every business participates. Office managers and entry level employees alike scramble to secure as many cleaning supplies from the supply closet as possible. Furniture polish, dust spray, anti-viral wipes – anything and […]

To bevel or not to bevel – that is a question. Specifically, it’s a question we’ll ask you when you select your custom glass top for wood furniture. If you’re not sure what a bevel is, no worries – read on, and you’re about to learn more about them than you could have imagined there was […]

Our glass tops for furniture can take a standard desk, table, end-piece or more and turn it into something truly special. Our back painted glass tops are an even more aesthetically rich addition to your office and home furniture. Painted in one of our color selections, the back painted glass can reshape the look and feel of a […]

The beginning of a new year is exciting for multiple reasons. It can signify a fresh start; the resetting of everything that didn’t go right in the previous year; and for the accounting department, the beginning (or halfway point) of the fiscal year. One of the things we like the most about the beginning of a […]

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